Our Ministers

We are blessed by having two ministers working with us – each with distinct, but overlapping, areas of work.

The Rev’d Andy Braunston was born in London where he gained his first degree, in Theology, and qualified as a secondary school teacher. He taught in Tower Hamlets for four years and, in his spare time, planted a new church congregation.  

He moved to Manchester in 1996 and worked as a teacher for a few years – in Manchester, Bolton and Yorkshire, before working full time for the Church.  He also gained a management qualification from the Open University and a Masters in Contextual Theology from the University of Manchester.  

After moving on from his previous congregation he underwent  a short period of study at the Scottish United Reformed Church and Congregational College.

In February 2017 Andy was invited to serve in the United Reformed Church’s Southside Cluster working with ourselves, and our sister churches in Barrhead and Stewarton.

Andy has a keen interest in helping us become better disciples, helping us offer excellent worship and is passionate about issues around justice – especially around asylum – seeing these things as all being key to mission.  He lives in Crookston with his husband, Ian, and their Labrador, Ben.  


Marie Trubic is a Church Related Community Minister.  This is a special order of ministry within the United Reformed Church where people are trained alongside, and to the same,high, standard as ministers of Word and Sacraments, but who have a special focus on working in the wider Community showing that the Church has a mission outside its own walls.  She hails from West Yorkshire and this is the first time she has worked in Scotland.  

Marie has served as a Community Minister since1990 working in Liverpool, Salford, Milton Keynes, Manchester, and comes to us after 5 years in East London.

She lives, close to the church, in Shawlands and divides her work between our church and our sister congregation in Priesthill.  


You can contact our ministers here