We gather to worship together every Sunday at 10.am.

Worship is very simple and consists of: lively singing of hymns; prayers; a reading, or readings, from the Bible; a short sermon linking the Biblical passage read to our everyday lives of discipleship; prayers for our world; often an affirmation of faith; and the sharing of Bread and Wine in Holy Communion.

As Christians we believe that through the sharing of Holy Communion we are drawn into God’s presence and, as we are fed through the bread and wine, we’re fed in our spirits too.  Jesus commanded his disciples to break bread and drink wine together not just as a way of remembering Him but as a way in which he could feed us with his very self.  This Sacrament has a number of different names in the Christian tradition – Mass, Breaking of Bread, Holy Communion, Eucharist, Divine Mystery, Lord’s Supper but, whatever the difference in terminology, at its heart we share a meal where Jesus is host and invites us to join him.  All are welcome.

Please feel free to join us. Just arrive about 10-15 minutes before worship is due to start, and enter the building through the front door – you should be welcomed there by one of the congregation. You can sit anywhere you like in the church to worship.

Please turn mobile phones to silent during the service.

We look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions, please (details on our contact page) we’ll be happy to help.