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Dear Friends,

It’s been encouraging to see so many people who have Facebook Like and Follow the Daily Devotions Facebook page.  We’ve seen a small jump in the number of people signing up to receive the Devotions from this.  Some of you have asked if we will continue to send these via email – yes, of course we will.  Please don’t worry if you are not a Facebook user as you will continue to receive the Devotions.

Second, from time to time people email to say they are not receiving the Daily Devotions.  Most of the time this is because they have ended up in the Spam/Junk folder.  Internet Service Providers can set their Spam settings rather high.  The fact that these emails go out to over 1,600 people mean they can be seen as Spam. It helps if you add the to your contact list.  It also helps if you add it to an approved senders list.  In Yahoo you can do that by following the instructions here. In Gmail the Devotions tend to appear in the Promotions tab.  If they appear in the Spam Folder mark them as “not Spam.”  It is also possible to set up a filter in Gmail to ensure they are not put into Spam.  Details are here.  If you have another service provider and, from time to time, find your Devotions are going into Spam simply google them with the words “approved sender” or “white list” and you should find bespoke instructions.

Finally, Rebecca Gudgeon, who manages the iChurch project for the URC has produced some simple instructions for those who use the iChurch platform for their Church’s website (or any church website that uses WordPress) to get the Daily Devotions onto your church’s website each day.  Details are here and, if you get stuck and use iChurch/Wordpress Rebecca should be able to help.  You may wish to forward this email to your church’s website manager.  If you want to see what they look like you can look at Shawlands’ website here

With every good wish


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